Living the Dream

Scarcely a day goes by that someone doesn’t ask us where we’re from. Our standard answer is that we are from Planet Earth, Anywhere USA, or wherever Alexander Superscamp is currently parked. One of us then elaborates, explaining how we retired in June of 2015 and sold our home in Ogden so we could take to the road full time without attachments. The inquisitor will typically exclaim, “Wow, you guys are living the dream!”

It’s true. We are living the dream. It’s been our vision for many years prior to retirement. When we first formulated this idea of a climbing the rest of our lives away, we became keenly aware that our future existence would require a certain amount of sacrifice. We would need to sock away funds through hard work, financial savings and precise long term investments. While doing this, we were equally cognizant of the important balance between career life and maintenance of physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

Our retired life would require us to live simply. We knew we would be forsaking common societal things like television, high speed internet, unlimited data phone plans and a permanent domicile surrounded by a big yard with a white picket fence. We opted instead for a plethora of good books, occasional internet access at random libraries or coffee shops, a basic pay-as-you-go cell phone plan, and 66sqf of lightweight mobile living space in the form of a 13’ Scamp Trailer.

The rewards of our nomadic retirement life are continually gratifying. Our backyard is now the size of the wilderness in which we reside at any given moment. We climb when and where we are inspired to climb. Our rest days consist of yoga under the sun when the weather allows it. We have found an endless resource of rest day reading material in secondhand stores, library liquidations and yard sales. We have the opportunity to meet and make new friends with interesting and often equally inspiring stories, of both similar and completely different life experiences.

There’s no doubt that for the most part our lifestyle is virtually carefree and indeed dreamlike, however, I would be remiss if I failed to mention that we have run into some slight inconveniences. Taking a shower once or twice a week is a luxury and often limited by availability of adequate sunshine to warm our 2.5 gallon solar showers. Laundromats can be a bit of a gamble. Availability of healthy food choices is sometimes dependent on traveling great distances to find a decent grocery store with sufficient supplies. Adjusting to different altitudes and climatic regions requires time and patience. Fresh water sources vary and also may require time to adapt. Uncle Sam doesn’t appear to appreciate a mobile existence so lack of permanent fixed address can be a bit of an issue when it comes to vehicle titles, passports, taxes, snail mail, health insurance, etc., etc.

It would be an immense understatement to say that we are satisfied with our choice to take to the road full time to pursue our passion of climbing and traveling. Our hope is that we can be an inspiration to those who have a similar desire to follow their bliss. It will require sacrifice, but is well worth the effort to live your dream. We’re firm believers in the fact that we get only one life, so live it to the fullest extent possible.

On the subject of dreams, we’ve been experiencing the incredibly fun and gymnastic movement of the Pipedream in Maple Canyon, Utah, for the past couple of months. We will continue to throw ourselves at the long and powerfully steep problems for a couple more months in pursuit of our personal goals. I’m hoping to redpoint a 5.14 post age 60. Maggie is looking to send her second ever 5.14, just for the hell of it. Whether or not we see our current goals through fruition this year, we’re guaranteed the satisfaction of knowing we tried hard and have enjoyed the process. We feel we’re incredibly lucky to have our good health and the opportunity to experience this lifestyle. Our gratitude abounds for the support of sponsors, friends and family members who are all part of our living dream.


Maggie and me on A Wyoming Sheep Shagger. Same move, different bodies. 📷 Carlos Romania Flores (
In the crux. 📷 Carlos Romania Flores (
The pre-crux clip. 📷 Carlos Romania Flores (
The overview. 📷 Kolin Powick
Controlling the swing. 📷 Carlos Romania Flores (
Chris Grijalva heading out Rodeo Clown.
Kristin Yurdin making clips on La Confianza.
Tracey Hua campusing through the pockets on Sprout.
Maggie trying to create a rest where there really isn’t one. Fake it ’til you make it. 📷 Carlos Romania Flores (
The man and his lens.
Clockwise: Falcor, Casbah, Luna, and Daliah.
📷 Carlos Flores Romania (

Photo at top of page: 📷 Carlos Romania Flores (

A couple things: 1. Although we’re not professional photographers, the pictures we take and use are, well, ours. Friends and readers are welcome to repost them on Facebook or other personal social media accounts, but please ask if your intention is to use them for any sort of business or product promotion outside of our established relationships. We post photos taken by others with their permission, which you should also obtain if you wish to use them. 2. The ads below show up because we’re too frugal to pay enough to make them go away. They’re not usually for anything we endorse or support.

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