People and Things We Really Like

Petzl gear is our choice for safety, function, durability and of course, style. If nothing else, we are stylish.

Shoes matter. And so does community, which is why we’re super excited to be partnering with Evolv, a company that not only makes amazing technical footwear, but is taking on an active role towards making climbing more accessible and inclusive for all.

imageUm, we kneebar. A lot. In fact, we hold on with our knees more than we do with our hands. Chuck uses the Large Send Climbing pads and Maggie likes the Minis. The new Slim versions are making us very, very happy climbers!

For us, eating is kind of a big deal. We both feel that nutrition is the missing link in most climbers’ regimens. There are things we benefit from that are impossible for us to get from actual food in the necessary quantities and at the exact time they’re needed. Enter PhysiVantage, with SuperCharged Collagen, Weapons Grade Whey Protein, EndureX, and Crush: evidence-based supplements designed specifically for climbers!

We’re HUGE fans of ClimbTech cable draws and steel carabiners for fixed gear that’s manufactured to withstand wear and exposure.

imagePower can definitely improve one’s quality of life. Heat and light in the Scamp, charging of phones, laptop, iPad, Petzl headlamps…all thanks to the Goal Zero Yeti 400 and a couple of tiny, but powerful, solar panels.

imageWe owe The Front Climbing Club in Ogden (and Salt Lake, too) bigtime for providing year-round perfect training conditions and route setting, along with the swankiest yoga studio in northern Utah. And for Maggie’s paychecks for the 5 years before we took to the road. How many places out there are so cool that the staff is there to play when they’re not working?