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Hi! We’re Chuck and Maggie, and this is our story. We each have our own respective stories that began 67 and 53 years ago, but this is our shared story, which dates back a relatively short 14 years. We were introduced in the Red River Gorge in Kentucky during the 2007 Petzl RocTrip, and didn’t meet again until exactly one year later. In 2009, we entered into a long-distance relationship, and six months after our first 8-day-long climbing date in West Virginia, we moved Maggie from Michigan to Utah so we could be together all the time. All the time.

We retired in June of 2015 (yep, for real) to travel and climb together all the time. No more weekend warriors, no more saving up vacation time for weekday climbing days, or spending countless hours pulling on plastic in anticipation of those two weeks around the holidays. This is what we’ve shaped our lives to be. Every choice we’ve made in the past many years has brought us here, while at the same time honoring the “now”. We hope you like our story.

Some more stuff about us:

Maggie climbs her hardest route at 49!

Chuck sends 5.14 at 62!

Petzl news about Chuck’s post-60 5.14’s!

Rock & Ice interview with Chuck about sending 5.14 at 61

Chuck’s Petzl Athlete Profile

The World According to Chuck Odette at petzl.com

Chuck Odette Facts, on The Stone Mind

Bros Not Pros: Maggie Odette, a video blog by Chris Morgan at Two Sherpas (for Zeal Optics)

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5 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Hi you 2 !!!! Super cool in so many ways !! Maggie & Chuck,… this adventure that you will soon flow into,… is a journey that shall bring great joy, love, insight, humor,… and pure pleasure. It is a pure expression of your respective energies,… energies,… that are gifts of your minds and bodies. Gifts,… that are a blessing,… and the most sublime of powers,… that we play with……
    Happiest of Trails !! : )


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