Roamin’ Wyomin’

Wyoming is big…really big. The hikes are big, the routes are big, and the moves are big. Our original plan was to set shallow roots for two months, but we’re updating our plan to at least three just so we can attempt to put a “redpoint dent” in the copious amount of high quality hard routes common to this place. 

We’ll leave you with some visuals and the reassurance that we’re enjoying our lives filled with climbing, yoga, enjoyable trudges through an amazing landscape, and fresh Wyomin’ air…


Alli gettin’ all swingy.

A couple things: 1. Although we’re not professional photographers, the pictures we take and use are, well, ours. Friends and readers are welcome to repost them on Facebook or other personal social media accounts, but please ask if your intention is to use them for any sort of business or product promotion outside of our established relationships. 2. The ads below show up because we’re too frugal to pay enough to make them go away. They’re not usually for anything we endorse or support.

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