Meeting Alex

We’re driving through Oregon, well, Charlie’s driving and I’m sitting shotgun. Lola’s sprawled across the center console, chin resting on the armrest, and Frankie is surfing high on the gear in back. We’re on our way to Washington to pick up Alex. We’ll get him tomorrow, spend the night with him, and take him home the following day. We’ve named him sight unseen, aside from photos, but we suspect the name will fit. We can’t wait to meet him.

Alexander Superscamp
Alexander Superscamp was born in 1997. He’s shaped a bit like a marshmallow, which is only one of his many endearing qualities. Inside, he’s a very efficently designed 10×6.5 feet of everything we need for sleeping, eating, and rest day chilling. Alex has been well cared for in his 17 years of providing shelter, the last several of those by the Mort family of Gig Harbor. Jeremy and Kelly are super easy-going, cool folk with two high-energy little boys, and a gorgeous house on the sound that they spent two years adding onto while they lived in a converted schoolbus in the driveway. They “get” us and our plan. Their family is outgrowing Alex. Kelly’s pregnant again, and while Alex will be perfect for the two of us and the dogs, it’s difficult to imagine spending any extended period of time in him with three human children. In 6 months and 16 days, he will be our home.


Crossing the Tacoma Narrows bridge.
Crossing the Tacoma Narrows bridge.
Jeremy and Kelly's house on Puget Sound.
Jeremy and Kelly’s house on Puget Sound.
The drawing that Cohen, Jeremy and Kelly's older son, made us. It has birds, a goat, a deer, and a rock climber, to represent our upcoming road trip.
The drawing that 6-year-old Cohen made for us. It has mountains, birds, a goat, a deer, and a rock climber.
Lola's travel mode.
Lola’s travel mode.

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